Membership at Hankley Common has been an enviable experience for over 125 years.



Creating memories since 1897


As widely acknowledged, our golf course is outstanding, however it is the special relationship amongst the membership and in turn with our staff, that makes Hankley unique.


Subject to availability, membership application to the club can be through two different methods. If you already know members who are happy to propose and second your application or if not, a provisional membership that allows restricted access to the club for 12 months and that time must be used to confirm your application for full membership by finding a Proposer, Seconder and four sponsors from existing and eligible club members.


If you know two current members of Hankley Common who are prepared to Propose and Second you for membership, you should ask your prospective Proposer to contact the Club to establish the current situation regarding membership availability. PLEASE NOTE –  The club maintains a Register of Interest (RoI) which is a first step towards the membership application process. At present, the RoI is closed and will not re-open before October 2024. To manage expectations, the likely wait between adding your name to the RoI and starting the formal application process is likely to be in excess of 3 years. If you are still interested in adding your name to our RoI, please contact the General Manager’s office in September 2024 for a status update.


Adult Subscription Category

Mens Full

Ladies Full




Entrance Fee

3 times subscription

3 times subscription

Intermediate Categories

18 to 24 years

25 to 29 years

30 to 35 years





Entrance Fee

3 times subscription

3 times subscription

3 times subscription

Junior Subscription Category

6 to 17 Years



Entrance Fee

No entrance fee

Academy Membership






Bar Card Levy

£50 Minimum



When you do not have an eligible Proposer and Seconder, there is the possibility of Provisional membership. However, there is a maximum number of spaces permitted at any one time and at present , our provisional membership category is closed and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

If you still keen to pursue this Provisional membership route, please refer to the full or intermediate membership Register of Interest information outlined above.


The Academy was set up in 2013 with the objective of introducing ladies to the game of golf.  The academy programme will deliver not only technical instruction but also introduces participants to the rules of the game and etiquette.  Although we hope that some academy members will graduate to full membership of Hankley Common’s Ladies section the principal goal is to provide a platform which will lead to long term enjoyment of the game wherever you play.


  • 6 individual lessons with a PGA Qualified Professional designed to cover all key aspects of the game, including course tuition and regular progress reports.
  • 10 Group lessons – which will give an opportunity to meet fellow Academy Members.
  • Access to the course after 2pm BST & 1pm DLS,  once the PGA professional team gives permission.
  • Golf when booked as a Guest, within the 12 months, which will incur the usual guest fee. Subject to club diary and booked online.
  • Use of the practice facilities.
  • Guidance on dress code, the Rules of Golf and etiquette etc.
  • Use of the clubhouse facilities.
  • Invitations, where appropriate, to ladies’ social events.
  • A member’s bar card which entitles you to our members’ discounts on the bar menu and beverages.

Membership of the Academy will be for one year with an option to renew for a further 12 months following discussions with the professional team.   Academy membership will only be allowed for a maximum of 2 years.

Hankley Common Membership.  Ladies who reach the required level of competence will be able to apply for membership subject to the normal application procedure.