An evolution over 125 years – starting at a meeting in a vicarage, through the building of 9, then 18 holes, laid out by two of golf’s greatest architects,  and into the wonderful course and club which it has become.

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In common with many clubs that have been established for over 100 years, Hankley has a wealth of history and has developed as a course from humble beginnings. The course and surrounding land have grown from its early days as a nine hole course. Likewise the clubhouse has seen many changes to mirror the growth of the club. Throughout its history the club has attracted players of the highest calibre and the events staged at the club reflect this.


The course was initially laid out by local man Edward Turle, and some holes from that layout remain today. However, extensive improvement work was carried out during the early part of the 20th century by two of the leading golf course architects, not just of this period, but of all time. Following James Braids revisions, Harry Colt added the loop of holes from 10-12, and the course has remained with largely the same routing ever since.

18th November 1896

Foundation Meeting to set up the club.

10th February 1897

Committee laid down requirements of club and quoted a membership of 36 people. Entrance fee 1 guinea, annual subscription 2 guineas

15th March 1897

Committee appointed first Professional Mr William Cochrane

1st May 1897

Official opening of the course.

29th June 1897

General meeting set up sub-committees and agreed need for a pavilion.

February 1898

Committee accepted a tender to build club room, dressing rooms, bar, toilets & veranda.

February 1898

First Annual General meeting. Membership now 64

May 1898

Clubhouse built & then used until 1961

July 1898

Next Professional appointed. Albert James Ife

May 1899

First recorded use of pavilion by committee

November 1899

Match played against Farnham GC

May 1900

First President Richard Henry Combe died

July 1904

Next Professional appointed. Charles Edmond Clare. Ife had left 5 months before.

May 1920

Gerard Streatfeild who was Captain from 1903 to 1911 and from 1914 to to 1924 persuaded his committee that they should invite James Braid to come and advise on the extension of the course to 18 holes.

February 1921

Braid visited the course and submitted his plans in a letter dated 18th February 1921. His fee was 5 guineas plus expenses.

September 1921

Committee agreed to go ahead with a modification to Braid’s plan and sold £1,000 of debentures to the members to fund the work.

October 1923

Five new holes opened. Namely: 2, 6, 7, 8, 10.

June 1924

Holes 11, 12, 13, 14 opened for play.

March 1933

Committee asked Harry Colt a member of a distinguished firm of course architects to lengthen the course and balance the spacing of the par three holes. He was engaged at a fee of 20 guineas plus 2 guineas expenses. Three new holes, numbers 10, 11 & 12 were created as recommended by Mr Colt. 9 unemployed men were provided by Aldershot labour exchange for 3 months in 1934 to prepare fairways & greens.

July 1933

Gerard Streatfeild died.

November 1935

The 3 new holes were opened.

May 1938

After repeated irregation problems, piped water was provided to all greens.

April 1939

Streatfeild’s brother-in-law Richard Coombe died. He had been President since 1905! He was Lord of the Manor of Pierrepoint Estate which embraced the golf club grounds..

May 1940

Pierrepont Estate put up for auction, including the ground used by the golf club.

June 1940

Major Alnatt the new owner of the estate proposed a rental of £50 per annum throughout the war and £100 per annum thereafter. The committee refused the amount as excessive in their current financial situation. They had an overdraft of £535 at the time.

November 1940

Major Alnett now offered to sell the club grounds to the club for £1,000.

June 1941

The Club Captain wrote to Major Alnett asking the lowest price that he would accept for the Manorial Rights of the property.

January 1942

The committee was authorised to offer £800 for the whole of Hankley Common

March 1942

The AGM resolved to purchase Hankley Common and to allow the club to incur a bank overdraft not exceeding £1,300. The AGM agreed to the club being formed into a private company with liability limited to a maximum of £2 per member.

June 1942

The contract to buy the Common was signed by Messrs Sprot, Windle and Potter (the Club Captain).

August 1960

A philanthropic member Mr J P Billmeir offered to provide a second hand 120ft by 18ft cedar wood building to replace the corrugated portions of the club house. The club had been suffering from serious corrosion for some years.

October 1960

An EGM accepted the offer and during the following winter, the building was transported to site & services installed.

October 1960

At the EGM, subscriptions were raised to £10.50 for men and £8.40 for ladies. The first increase for 9 years.

April 1961

Mr and Mrs. Billmeir were both appointed as Honorary Life Members.

February 1972

An EGM was called to approve the expenditure of £10,000 to install an automatic watering system on all greens. Many members came forward to make loans to cover the costs.

March 1980

Questionnaire sent out to members with proposals for a new 2-storey clubhouse. Replies were encouraging.

February 1981

Letter to members promised plans for new clubhouse would shortly be put on display and was followed by an EGM in late October 1981.

April 1983

A new single storey clubhouse designed by Newman Turner (a member and architect) was in use and was formally opened by Col. Ozzie Logan on 18th June 1983.

August 1997

Club Centenary Year celebrated by a grand ball

Letter sent out to all members proposing extending and refurbishing the club house and inviting members to an EGM on 27th September 1997 to discuss options.

The management hoped to complete the work by the spring of 1998. This did not happen and two schemes were finally offered to members to consider.

August 1998

Chris Fielden the Captain announced the result of the members votes for two options of clubhouse improvements. Of the 612 eligible, 265 had voted for Scheme A and 206 for scheme B. Option A which included an extension to the dining room, was put up for tender.

2021 – Home Internationals

In 2021 Hankley hosted the Mens Home Internationals and a report on ‘Hankley’s Greatest Ever Match?’, can be seen by clicking here.

2022 – 125th Anniversary

In 2022, a year of celebrations took place to mark the 125th Anniversary of the founding of the club, led by Captains for the year David Thomas and Jo Mills. This included a Summer Ball, a Champagne Evening with Fireworks and various 125 themed golfing events.